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Chelford C of E Primary School

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Aspirations Week

Aspirations Week is held every two years as key component of our inspiring Chelford Curriculum. The aim of the week is to enable pupils to identify how their unique talents and interests can be explored in their future careers. 

Over the course of the week, held in May 2023, we were delighted to offer pupils a number of different workshop activities, speaker presentations and visits to real-life working environments to instil high aspirations within our children. 

The week was a huge success; pupils enjoyed learning about a wide range of inspiring jobs, careers and industries, some of which they are now looking forward to learning more about over the coming years. 

A key objective of our Aspirations Week was to promote equality and inclusion; some of our visitors inspired pupils with experiences of how they have succeeded in their chosen field despite not gaining the highest grades at school. This helped emphasise the importance of developing a range of impressive personal skills in addition to academic talents - teamwork, resilience, collaboration, adaptability and communication skills were highlighted by many of our collaborators as key skills in the workplace. We were also inspired by those who shared their personal experiences of disability and overcoming barriers that have enabled them to flourish in the workplace - inspiring all our pupils that with determination and endeavour, they can achieve their own future aspirations.  

We thank all of our partners for accommodating our visits and for preparing such inspiring and enjoyable workshops for pupils this week.  

An overview of the week’s activities is outlined below.


BBC Media City

On Monday, pupils visited the BBC headquarters at Media City, Salford, to learn about the wide range of opportunities and roles within the organisation. They had the opportunity to discuss careers with radio presenters, floor managers and producers as well as seeing a vibrant working environment in action. 

As part of the visit, pupils had the opportunity to read Monday’s 5 Live news bulletin and watch on as presenter Rachel Burden conducted an interview in preparation for a subsequent broadcast. On their tour, pupils learned about the wide range of different careers in media and even had the opportunity to try out the famous ‘red sofa’. We express our huge thanks to Rachel for arranging the tour and inspiring our pupils.




Lifting off with Captain Smith 

Pupils from Class 2 and Class 3 enjoyed spending time with Captain Pete Smith on Tuesday afternoon, who shared his experiences as an airline pilot. 

Pete had kindly prepared a captivating presentation, sharing images of a range of different aircraft, including going through cockpit controls and displays as well as guiding pupils through his online flight routines, including accessing all of the pre-flight documentation and illustrating how routes are planned depending on factors such as windspeed and weather. Pete also shared how fuel requirements are calculated and enlightened pupils on how they could explore careers in aviation in the future. To conclude the session, pupils asked a range of interesting questions which Pete kindly answered.



Fire Service visit

Whilst Class 2 and 3 pupils were learning all about life as an airline captain, Class 1 pupils and staff welcomed firefighters into School to learn all about the amazing work that the Cheshire Fire Service do in protecting and saving lives. Children enjoyed a fire engine tour and even had the opportunity to get busy with the hose - giving Mr Norman’s plants a good watering in the process! 

The session with the Fire Service was curtailed shortly afterwards as firefighters were called out to an emergency. Pupils were mesmerised to see the engine speed away from School with lights flashing and sirens blaring. 

We thank the Fire Service for taking time to visit pupils and for all their vital work in helping to keep our communities safe.



Clicky Media visit

Following on from a visit to BBC Media City, a different group of Class 3 pupils with a keen interest in computing, design and coding were treated to a tour of award-winning digital media agency Clicky Media HQ. Accompanied by Mr Brady, pupils relished the opportunity to meet with members of the talented team who shared their experiences and thoughts on digital industries. Members of the Clicky team had prepared workshops for pupils - firstly to underline the need for collaborative and teamwork skills in the workplace via a team challenge. As part of this, pupils were informed of how Clicky’s new premises was designed to encourage collaboration between different departments and colleagues.

 In the second ‘Dragons’ Den’ workshop, children had to devise and present their own invention to two ‘Dragons’. Alice and Rose’s innovate watch design enables wearers to choose their own outfits and make-up via the watch which is then automatically applied - saving time in the morning! Rory and Jasper’s ‘Headset Petset’ was designed specifically to enable someone who may be paralysed or affected by disability to interact with their pet via VR headsets. Pets would wear a special suit and the wearer of the headset could control the activity through head movements - making it possible to take their dog for a walk simply through head and eye movements! 

The staff at Clicky were thoroughly impressed with pupils’ thoughts and ideas and seemed to enjoy the sessions almost as much as our pupils! 



TT Games: A long, long time ago, in a game studio (not so) far far away….

Continuing the technology theme, pupils from Class 2 and Class 3 were beyond excited to welcome representatives from TT Games Studio. The Studio produces computer games for Warner Brothers - predominately the Lego franchise, which includes brands such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and DC comic heroes. Pupils discovered the many different roles that the company offers, such as digital artists, computer programmers and game designers. Children applied their new knowledge in designing their own computer games on paper.

At the end of the session, each child was presented with a LEGO model and pen to take home.


And sew it begins…

After preparing Thursday’s lunch for the pupils, Helen (our much-loved chef) popped down to Class 1 to share one of her other passions - needlework! When Helen isn’t occupied at Chelford CE Primary School, she is often busy getting creative with her needle and thread, and all manner of clever machines, producing a range of different products such as personalised handbags, blankets and soft toys. 

In preparation for Thursday’s session with Class 1, Helen had been been busy working around the clock making a stunning bear produced entirely from used uniform items. We think that the bear is absolutely gorgeous! Helen has kindly donated the bear as our new school mascot and the School Council will soon be running a vote to name our new friend!



Say it with flowers!

Following Helen’s visit, Class 1 pupils welcomed Trevor and Cherry Jacques into School to discuss their careers in horticulture and landscape gardening. Trevor inspired pupils with his story of starting a successful landscape and gardening business which has ‘flourished’ into a successful operation serving domestic and commercial clients across the north west region. 

Trevor and Cherry gifted all pupils in Class 1 a packet of seeds so that they can begin their own career in horticulture at a very early age!


Capturing the moment!

As a sports camera operative, Ben Brown has enjoyed a wonderful career capturing some of the iconic sports events from all corners of the world - including the FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games and F1 events. 

Ben joined Class 3 pupils this afternoon to share his experiences and to discuss the numerous roles within the sports broadcasting industry. Pupils hung on every word as Ben recalled the many experiences his career has provided and gave some inside tips to any aspiring camera operatives at Chelford CE Primary School.