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Chelford C of E Primary School

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Admission applications for places at Chelford CE Primary School are managed by the Local Authority (LA) admissions team at Cheshire East. 

There are two different types of admissions:

September start applications: Admissions for September starts refer to children joining the school at the start of their reception year. Chelford CE Primary School has a published admission number (PAN) of 13; this means that the LA will typically allocate unto 13 places in each reception cohort. In exceptional circumstances, the LA reserves the right to admit above the PAN. 

In-year applications: All other admission applications are classified as in-year applications. Admission applications are generally dependent on availability in the particular cohort. 

Admissions Criteria

As a maintained Local Authority school, Chelford CE Primary School adheres to the LA's criteria for school admissions. 

After allocating places for any children with an Education, Health and Care Plan naming the school, children are placed into 5 categories. These are seen below in order of preference:

1. Children who are in local authority care or have previously been in care. 

2. Brothers and sisters living in the same household as children already in the school (up to and including year 5 for primary applications and year 10 for secondary applications) who expect to stay at the school for the next school year. This includes foster and adopted brothers and sisters, step-brothers and sisters, and half-brothers and sisters.

3. Children living within the school's catchment area.

4. For high schools, children who are currently pupils at one of the primary schools the high school works with as a feeder school. 

5. Children living nearest to the school as measured in a straight line by the National Property Gazetteer. 

Where there are not enough spaces for children who live the same distance away (for example, in the same block of flats), we decide by a random allocation tie-breaker. 

Applications for September Start 2024

The application deadline for children looking to start in Reception in 2024 is 15th January 2024. 

Offers of places are made on 16th April 2024, with the deadline for accepting places being 30th April 2024. 

Once pupil places have been confirmed, arrangements for transition activities will be published and parents will be invited to attend a welcome meeting before the end of the current school year. 

Current Availability of School Places

Currently, the school has availability for pupil places in the following year groups:

Year 1

Year 4

Year 5

Arranging to View the School

Parents interested in making an admissions application, whether it be for a September start or in-year application, may wish to visit School to meet Mr Brady and view our staff and pupils in action. We warmly welcome parents to make arrangements by contacting Mrs Michelle Latchford in the School office: 01625 861351 or via email: admin@chelford.cheshire.sch.uk

Making an Application

Online applications can be made via the Cheshire East website: https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/schools/admissions/apply-for-september-2024-school-place.aspx