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Chelford C of E Primary School

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Safety Central

Year 5/6 pupils enjoyed a fabulous day at Safety Central this week. Safety Central is a purpose-built centre comprising a range of different sets featuring real-life scenarios which allow pupils to consider potential dangers they may encounter on a daily basis. Children were tasked with the challenge of identifying potential fire risks in a bedroom and kitchen and learned to recognise the difference between a blue and orange flame in detecting the presence of carbon monoxide. In the Safety Central Co-Op store, children located items from three separate shopping lists that made up a single meal, before being asked to consider the nutritional value of each basket. They were stunned to learn that the basket made up of processed meals represented more than 6,000 calories - around three times the recommended intake for an adult. On the ‘street’ pupils learned about rail and road safety and practiced putting their friends into the recovery position. In all, the centre staff led 12 different activities, all with a view to increasing pupils’ awareness of safety which will hopefully help them to keep themselves and others away from harm in the future. 

Pupils’ behaviour and conduct was exemplary as always and we extend our gratitude to Miss Aspinall and Mrs Nuttall who accompanied the children on the visit.