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Free School Meals

From September 2014 there will be two free school meal schemes: Universal Infant Free School Meals and Income Related Free School Meals.

Central Government funds free school meals to all children attending Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. This is called Universal Infant Free School Meals; you may see the abbreviation UIFSMs used.

However, it is vital that families still register with the Free School Meals Team, if they meet certain criteria, even if their child falls within the UIFSMs classes as above.  This is important to the funding schools receive, as a specific fund called Pupil Premium is generated by this registered eligibility.  This will amount to £1,345 per eligible pupil.  This funding is used to support eligible pupils with their education.


For more information about eligibility criteria for Free School Meals, please click on the file below.


For pupils in KS2 (ie Years 3 -6) a school lunch costs £2.35 per day, £11.75 a week.   
Payment may be made using the online payment system at


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