Safety Squad

Our School Safety Squad is a dedicated pupil council that is responsible for highlighting the importance of safety across the school. The Safety Squad takes responsibility for meeting with Mr. Brady to discuss ways in which our pupils' safety and wellbeing can be promoted.

As part of their responsibilities, the Safety Squad:

  • lead assemblies on the subject of safeguarding
  • run competitions for pupils to engage with around a key safeguarding message or themed week - such as Anti-Bullying Week
  • monitor playground behaviour and conduct to ensure that pupils are using equipment safely
  • update our Safety Squad display to match ongoing projects / themes

We are proud of the impact of our Safety Squad and appreciate the efforts of our 'Squaddies' in helping to ensure that Chelford CE Primary remains a happy, safe and nurturing place for our pupils to learn and grow.


Our Safety Squad 2022 / 2023



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Minutes of Meetings


Minutes from Safety Squad meetings are published below:


Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 22.10.21.png Screenshot 2023-02-19 at 10.15.06.png  

18th October 2022



Network Rail Visit


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Following requests from members of the Safety Squad to arrange opportunities for visitors to lead assemblies and discussions with children about how they can keep safe in our community, we were delighted to welcome Chris McLoughlin from Network Rail to discuss the issue of rail safety. Chris led an engaging session with pupils, outlining the dangers of playing / living near live rail lines and what chidlren should do in order to keep safe. This is a particularly pertinent issue for our pupis given the proximity of the rail line and Chelford Station. 

We thank Chris and Network Rail for their continued support.



First Aid Training with Millie's Trust


At the request of our Safety Squad, Mrs Latchford kindly arranged for pupils in Years 4,5 and 6 to undertake emergency first aid training. Delivered by Millie’s Trust, the training lasted a full afternoon in which children learned how to make a call to emergency services and how to deliver emergency first aid. Children were taught how to deliver CPR using adult and baby manikins and developed their understanding of how to use a defibrillator. The nearest defibrillator to School is located opposite the doctor’s surgery on Elmstead Road. Children also practiced moving their friends into the recovery position. 

We extend our gratitude to Millie’s Trust for supporting pupils; whilst we hope that our children will never be required to call on their first aid training, we take comfort to know that the training delivered may help to preserve life. 




Millie’s Trust is a registered charity; further information on their work can be found online at:






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Safety Squad / Chelford Speedwatch Collaboration


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To help develop pupils’ awareness of road safety, members of the Safety Squad (Alice, Aimee, Ottile and Jasper) joined Mr Brady in visiting member of the Chelford Speedwatch team to observe a session in action. Chelford Speedwatchers are a group of dedicate volunteers who assist the police in collecting data on the speed of vehicles passing through the village. 

The speed limit on the main road through Chelford 30mph. Unfortunately, it is not usual for vehicles to be travelling over this legal limit; 


Following their return to school, the children led an assembly to inform all pupils about the work and impact of the Chelford Speedwatch team. Pupils were interested to learn of the benefit that volunteers bring to our community as well as recognising the importance of speed awareness. During the assembly, the Safety Squad launched a ‘watch your speed’ poster competition for pupils. We will be publishing our favourite posters soon…





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