Pastoral Care

The pastoral care offered to pupils and families at Chelford C of E Primary School is recognised as one of the strong features of the School. This is supported by pupils' outstanding attitudes towards each other, their teachers and their learning. Indeed, the standard of pupils' behvaiour is celebrated in our most recent Ofsted report: 

'Across the school, pupils know right from wrong and they are clear that their behaviour is very good because they value and respect the school’s code of conduct.'

-Ofsted 2017

The small size of the school, supported by our smaller than average cohorts and class sizes, adds to the 'family-feeling' generated within the school community. Older pupils provide outstanding leadership and care for younger children and regularly assist in leading playtime games, mentoring and supporting our young learners.

Unlike many schools, our size enables teachers to get to know all of the pupils in the school on a personal level, thus adding to their sense of belonging. Our approachable staff work alongside families to ensure that pupils are happy and valued.

The happiness of our pupils will always remain our priority.


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