History plays a prominent role in the design of the Chelford Curriculum across all phases of our school. As such, many of the topics studied have a strong historical emphasis which enables pupils to delve deeper when exploring significant periods, civilisations, empires, events and people from the past. As part of our cross-curricular commitment to teaching and learning, content delivered in history is supported in other curriculum areas such as writing and art and design, and through the careful selection of class texts to further inspire pupils' curiosity and interest.

The following documents outline our approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of our history curriculum, detailing what knowledge children will acquire at the end of each topic as they move through the school. In mapping this progression of pupils' historical knowledge, the curriculum is explored through the lens of 6 key areas: 

1. Key knowledge: Explicit identification of the key learning / end points that children will know by the end of the unit of study.

2. Chronology: Helping pupils to develop a secure chronological understanding of the different periods in British and world history and how this knowledge and understanding can be applied across different topics of learning - for example, children's appreciation of life in Victorian Britain is referenced through a number of topics studied across the history curriculum - such as Me and My Village; The United Kingdom, Superheroes and Superheroines; Dinosaurs, Fossils and Rocks; and Manchester: From Mancuniun to Cottonopolis to Today.

3. Equality: A focus on how past societies were structured - how people were treated differently and on what characteristics these prejudices were based. The aim of this study is to help pupils develop an understanding of, and empathy for, people who have suffered from inequality and discrimination throughout history and how this continues to impact contemporary life.

4. Civilisation and Empire: To explore the meaning of civilisation and empire and recognise the rise and fall of significant examples as featured in the National Curriculum programme of study.

5. Legacy: This enables pupils to reflect on how the follies, achievements and contributions of past societies, civilisations, empires, groups and individuals have helped to shape the world in which we live today.

6. Historical enquiry: Identification of the enquiry skills pupils will be given the opportunity to practise - for example, use of maps, photographs, artefacts, diaries - as a means of collecting and inferring information from the past and drawing conclusions.



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Intent, implementation and impact statement



Overview of our history curriculum

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Subject lead: Mr Andy Brady



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Curriculum coverage and progression of skills documentation





Knowledge Organisers:

In addition to the above documentation, our knowledge organisers provide a useful visiual aid of the learning that is encompassed across the various different topics studied. We will continue to add to our library of knowledge organisers over the coming months. Click on the thumbnail below to access the unit organiser.


Class 1

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Me and My Village - Local history study of Chelford


Superheroes and Superheroines


Me and the United Kingdom
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The Great Fire of London


Hot and Cold: Shackleton's Endurance Expedition



Class 2

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Ancient Greece



Dinosaurs, Fossils and Rocks


From the Stone Age to the Iron Age

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Early Civilisations



Ancient Egypt






Class 3

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Anglo Saxons, Vikings and the fight for the Kingdom of Britain



The Maya



World War II


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From Mancunium to Cottonopolis to today


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 

The Fight for Equality

The Romans in Great Britain 










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