Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS


One of the advantages of our mixed-age Early Years and Year 1 class environment is the careful integration of our EYFS and KS1 curriculum. Our commitment to a topic-based approach to curriculum design and delivery ensures that all pupils within the Class 1 setting are given the opportunity to explore knowledge and themes at a level that is appropriate to them. For example, children from both Reception and Year 1 will explore the theme of the Great Fire of London; however the activities that they undertake and the experiences that they enjoy will be tailored to the curriculum expectations for their specific group. 


The document below aims to identify how the topics outlined in the Chelford Curriculum are explored through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 


Mrs Abby Baker is our EYFS leader and coordinates our EYFS curriculum, which is ably supported by our team of dedicated and knowledgeable teaching assistants. 



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EYFS Intent, Implementation and Impact statement



Reception rolling programme of study

(integration with KS1 curriculum)


Subject lead: Mrs Abby Baker


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