Design and Technology

Design and Technology is always a very popular subject with pupils at Chelford CE Primary School. Over recent years, we have re-visited and evaluated our Design Technology curriulum which ensures that all pupils are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills of the process involved in designing, constructing and evaluating products they create to meet a specific design brief.

The following documentation aims to identify how our curriuclum is structured in a progressive manner across our three classes and what projects they will undertake during their time at Chelford CE Primary School. As you will see, in keeping with our wider Chelford Curriculum aims, where it is appropriate, links are made to the topics being studied in class.


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Intent, implementation and impact document


Overview of our Design Technology projects



Subject lead: Mr Andy Brady





Unit plans and knowledge organisers:


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Class 1 Projects


Class 2 Projects



Class 3 Projects





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