As idenitified in our over-arching document The Chelford Curriculum, we believe that the effective and safe use of technology can have a transformational impact on pupils' learning and enjoyment. As such, we are committed to ensuring that pupils have access to a wide range of tools and resources which enables them to make use of technology across the whole curriculum. 

In planning our programme of study, we have invested in the award-winning Purple Mash scheme of learning, which provides opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and skills in a progressive manner. Our computing curriculum is made up of three key strands as outlined in the diagram below:


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Owing to our mixed-age classes, most of the content is delivered on a two-year rolling programme, with the exception of Year 4, where leaders feel it appropriate to teach the year group discretely in order to enusre that the content is age-appropriate for every child. The organisation of our computing curriculum is identified in the schemes of learning documents below.



Extra-curricular computing:

In 2021 / 2022, as part of our our efforts to further inspire pupils' curiosity and creativity when engaging with technology, pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 were offered the opportunity to take part in a weekly podcast club. Pupils enjoy scripting, recording, editing and producing podcasts on a wide range of subjects. More information on our podcast club, including the opportunity to listen to some of our episodes, is available via the Chelford Podcast page on our website.

This year, our extra-curricular offering is Lego iPad club. Children from Y2 upwards are invited to use Lego We:Do 2.0 kits to build models which are then programmed via iPad using Bluetooth connectivity. 



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Intent, implementation and impact document



Knowledge organisers



Subject lead: Mrs Heather Thwaites



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Class 1 scheme of learning



Class 2 scheme of learning



Class 3 scheme of learning



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Knowledge and skills progression



Online safety progression




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