Accelerated Reader

Once pupils at Chelford CE Primary School have developed a secure phonological knowledge and understanding (via our Little Wandle Letters and Sounds synthetic phonics programme) they access our Accelerated Reader programme. This provision aims to ensure that pupils are accessing appropriately-pitched reading materials and provides the stimulus to motivate and encourage them to develop their love of reading. The programme also provides opportunities for staff and parents to celebrate children’s reading journey and enables them to enjoy the rewards that their endeavours deserve.


STAR assessments

As part of our Accelerated Reader provision, regular STAR assessments enable teachers to carefully monitor pupils’ reading progress and where necessary, target those who require additional support with aspects of reading. Assessments are user-responsive, thus providing an acquire and clear indication of the child’s reading capabilities and identifying areas for further development. 


As stated in our intent, implementation and impact statement, our ultimate goal is for all our pupils to develop a love of literature and to acquire the skills that will enable them to access a full and wide curriculum, both during and beyond their time at Chelford CE Primary School. 


Parents and families may find the following documents to be of use:


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Accelerated Reader

Information session for parents


Parents' Guide to Accelerated Reader


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