Remote Learning

Remote Learning Contingency Plan

Should any classes or pupils be required to observe a period of self isolation, or in the event of a national lockdown, schools are required to publish contingency arrangements for providing remote learning provision for pupils.

Our arrangements can be found by accessing the document below:




Remote Learning Provision in the

Event of Self Isolation 2020

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In summary, the key messages are:

  • Workflow between home and School will be managed via Showbie. Each pupil will have a unique log on and work shared will only be seen by the pupil and their class teacher.
  • Multi-modal feedback will continue to be given to pupils after their work has been submitted via Showbie.
  • Tasks will be set on a daily basis in maths and literacy. For other curricular areas, projects and assignments may be set over a number of days.
  • Children should continue to practise knowledge of times tables and reading on a daily basis.
  • Mathematics work will be supported by the White Rose Scheme of Learning which will provide useful resources such as video links.
  • All pupils will require access to an internet-connected device. If this is to present problems, parents should contact Mr Brady at the earliest opportunity.


Class 1 - Reception / Year 1


Class 2 - Year 2 / Year 3  / Year 4


Class 3 - Year 5 / Year 6



Revision of phonics sounds (phonic sound mats sent home)

Letter formation practice

Numbers up to 20 - counting, sequencing, adding, subtracting, one more, two more etc... 

Reading practice


Year 1:

As above plus times tables practice

Handwriting practice

Adding and subtraction of two-digit numbers

Beginning to learn to tell the time

Learn to tie shoelaces

Year 2:

Phonic practice

Times tables

Number bonds

Adding and subtracting two-digit numbers



Year 3 / 4

Handwriting practice

Spelling practice - statutory Y3 / 4 word lists available here

Regular reading practice

Times tables practice

Spelling practice - revision of statutory Y3 / 4 word lists available here

Spelling practice - statutory Y5 / 6 word list available here

Regular reading practice

Times tables practice










We will continue to post a range of resources and weblinks on this page to support pupils' learning.

Maths games: 

Hit the button:

Mental maths train:

Maths fishing:

Banana hunt:







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