Ofsted report

Our last Ofsted visit was carried out on 10th January 2017. Click on the document to access the report in full:











Key findings:

  • 'Parents commented that staff care about each and every pupil, that there is a fantastic learning environment and a lovely sense of community built on Christian values.'

  • 'There is a warm and welcoming feel to your school and the quality of relationships between pupils is striking because of their cooperativeness.'

  • 'As a result of the depth of knowledge that you and your staff have about each and every pupil, you cater well for pupils’ individual needs.'

  • 'It is delightful to see the quality both of pupils’ handwriting and their written work, for example in key stage 1 where standards are high. In addition, pupils in key stage 2 have a secure knowledge and understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar.'

  • Across the school, pupils know right from wrong and they are clear that their behaviour is very good because they value and respect the school’s code of conduct.


Access the full report by downloading the file below or view online here.


The School Data Dashboard provides a snapshot of school performance at Key Stage 1, 2 and 4. The dashboard can be used by school governors and members of the public to check the performance of a school. To access the data for our school please click on the link: http://dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk 



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