All the children at Chelford Primary School have started learning French and are really enjoying it!

During the Autumn term Class 1 learnt greetings and introductions as well as songs and rhymes.  Year 3/4 learnt greetings, introductions and numbers as well as some songs.  They also read some stories.  Year 5/6 learnt greetings, larger numbers, how to ask and answer questions about age and how to understand/say some dates.

During the Spring term Class 1 will be learning classroom instructions and numbers.  They will also be learning through more stories, songs, rhymes and seasonal activities.  Year 3/4 will be learning more numbers as well as asking and answering questions about age.  They will also learn some animals and colours.  The children will also enjoy more songs, rhymes and stories.  Year 5/6  will consolidate their learning of days, months and numbers, learn even larger numbers and use this to understand/talk about the time and money.  They will also learn colours and classroom objects and will enjoy more stories, songs and seasonal activities.  The children Year 5/6 will also learn to write phrases in French.

In the summer term Years 3 and 4 will be writing simple words/phrases and learning the french words for classroom objects and clothes. Years 5 and 6 will  learn the french words for clothes and parts of the body. They will be using possessive pronouns and begin to understand and give descriptions.

All the children are making excellent progress- well done!

The children can practise their French at home with these weblinks.  Click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser.  Enjoy!



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