Coronavirus Information

The School is receiving information relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) on a regular basis. To enable parents and families to access this information, this website page has been created with regular updates and information. 

NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help and advise you what to do. 

Use the NHS coronavirus service here

Latest Guidance

Latest guidance from a number of different sources will be posted and updated on a regular basis below:




PHE Test and Trace letter to parents

September 2020


DfE COVID-19 app

September 2020


Cheshire East COVID Absence Quick Guide

September 2020




Welcome Back 

Preparing for all pupils to return to School - September 2020

As we welcome back our all pupils to School in September 2020, we have put in place a range of measures to help to restrict the potential transmission of COVID-19 within our School community. To assist, we would like all families to read through the guidance below and to adhere to the measures identified in the plan. We hope that families will take comfort from the additional measures being taken to promote a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment for our pupils.

Click on the document below to access our Recovery Plan






Policy addendums (updated September 2020):

In light of the mesures required to be taken as part of the School's response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, the following addendums have been punlished to reflect practice during this time:

COVID-19: Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy addmendum


COVID-19: Behaviour Policy addmendum


COVID-19: First Aid Policy addmendum


COVID-19: Intimate Care Policy addmendum


COVID-19: Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy addmendum



COVID-19: Home School Agreement







DfE updates:

Guidance relating to COVID-19 and mental health


Information and publications:


Advice for places of education




Coronavirus action plan




Quick Start Guide - Coronavirus Public Information Materials



Talking to your children - guidance from the British Psychological Society



Coronavirus - Workbook activities for children




Coronavirus - Social stories resource



Guidance on washing hands



Video guide to share with children: how to wash hands




Further guidance:

Published 4th March: Public information campaign focuses on handwashing

Updated 4th March: What is self-isolation?

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